Friday, 3 July 2015


On April 16th of this year, an eBay seller named vinyl-network (based in Leicestershire) sold what he described as a BSR DR33M RECORD CUTTER / CUTTING LATHE & TURNTABLE DISC RECORDER, adding that it was a 'STUDIO QUALITY DISC CUTTER IN WORKING ORDER'.

Here's his description:

Being a thorough sort of chap, he assured interested bidders 'I have tested the lathe and have cut onto acetate disc to test whether it cut OK. Everything works perfectly.'

Two months later, on June 25th, he sold what he described as 'CAPTAIN MARRYAT RARE 1974 UK Original *MONO MIX* THOR ACETATE PROG PSYCH FOLK'. This listing was subtitled 'Incredibly Rare! Unreleased MONO Mix?? - Scottish Prog'. Here's a photo of that item:

His description reiterated that the acetate was 'extremely rare', and posited that 'in 1974 most mono pressings were or had been phased out by this point however this was probably mixed by request from the band'.

He could easily have had this conjecture confirmed by contacting some band members. Keyboardist Allan Bryce, who's readily available on Facebook and elsewhere, states: "As far as I know there were no originals that looked like this. It's the first time I have seen this. It's a fake." Bassist Tom Hendry, meanwhile, has this to offer: "It states in the details that the mono mix must have been requested by the band. I know that none of us did that. Definitely looks like a bootleg!"

Nonetheless, jet-propelled by his claims for its collectability and vintage status, it fetched the remarkable sum of £2249. It's little surprise to see that 'Seller does not offer returns' on this or the other acetates by super-collectible artists he has been selling recently.