Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Galactic Ramble

Published in the summer of 2009 and edited by me, Galactic Ramble is the most comprehensive critical overview of 60s and 70s British rock, pop, folk and jazz albums ever published. Covering both major labels and private pressings, it includes many records that have never been written about before, with new reviews alongside excerpts from original reviews, as well as hundreds of rare pictures, two sections of colour plates, numerous top ten lists and authors’ recommendations.

Galactic Ramble was written by a team of experts, and was a #1 Amazon rock & pop bestseller on publication. A small number of copies are left – it can be bought from Amazon, Waterstones etc, as well as directly via the website. Some reviews are below, and there are several more on Amazon.

‘This endlessly fascinating work features some 3000 albums… A treasure trove that seems a bargain at £30. It will offer pop music obsessives many hours of serendipitous pleasure’ – Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

‘The most important book ever written about the UK music scene in the 60s and 70s… A fascinating study of a prolific, colourful period in musical history’ –
Record Collector

‘For a true hit of nostalgia, nothing beats Galactic Ramble, whose survey of both famous and deeply obscure British albums from the 1960s and 1970s is the next-best thing to flicking through stacks of vinyl in a dusty record store’ –
The Financial Times

‘An astounding piece of work... If you like British popular music of the 60s and 70s, this is pretty much an essential purchase. Nothing else yet comes close to either the scope or entertainment value of this book’ – Richard Allen, Shindig

‘A hipster’s almanac of British underground music. This book goes a long way towards opening up knowledge of the field.. A huge undertaking whose dazzling breadth paints this decade in British music as richer, stranger and hairier than previously believed’ – 
Rob Young, The Wire

‘This hefty 530-page large-format compendium gathers over 3000 reviews of UK rock, psych, jazz, prog, folk and blues albums from the mid-1960s to early 1970s, with plenty of interesting and rare jazz selections. The visual content includes a treasure trove of archive music press adverts and rare photos’ – Jon Newey, Jazzwise

‘Unique in its combination of contemporary reviews with retrospective analysis… This is as close to an encyclopedia of British rock from the 60s and 70s as you are likely to find. Truly something any fan of British music should add to their library’ – 
Jeff Penczak, Ptolemaic Terrascope


  1. This is impossible to find.... any chance of a reprint?

    1. Thanks for your interest - a second (and expanded) edition is slowly being prepared.

    2. Any update on this, Richard? I've had an order in at Amazon for over two years now! They're keeping it open, which I guess is a good sign...

  2. Can I ask for a progress update on the revised edition of Galactic Ramble please? I'm wondering whether to spend a fortune and buy it used or to hang on for the new edition, the answer to which I guess depends on how long there is to wait...many thanks

  3. Hi, work on the second edition is ongoing. It should be out next year, so I'd advise you not to splash out on the first edition.

  4. Hi
    Any update on the reprint. I have Endless Trip which is fabulous but am unable to spend the small fortune needed for Galactic ramble unfortunately. I have been in crap health and would love to have a chance to read the companion book and excited that things may be progresing. Any update very very appreciated-cheers Harrie