Friday, 26 November 2010

Fairfield Parlour: A Vertigo Profile

Life has been busy lately, so here's a couple of swift posts – both press releases from Vertigo for sought-after LPs. First up is the June 1970 handout that accompanied review copies of Fairfield Parlour’s sole effort. As I’m sure you know, this was an attempt by UK psych faves Kaleidoscope to break with the past and win chart glory, but it didn’t work. It’s notable that the profile makes no reference whatsoever to their former incarnation (and gets drummer Dan Bridgman's name wrong throughout).

I’ve only encountered two reviews of From Home To Home, by the way. On June 27th Melody Maker, evidently unaware of their history, called them ‘yet another band who emerge from nowhere with an album full of memorable songs, beautifully conceived and executed’, adding that it’s ‘a gentle, lyrical, happy-sad album, and very English, with fine harmonies floating above solid and unflashy playing.’ Disc & Music Echo was a tad less enthusiastic on August 8th, describing it as ‘lyrical music, gently and thoughtfully presented, with wild if somewhat pretentious lyrics. The lads are multi-instrumentalists and could be accused of trying to out-Moody the Moodies. However, a very pleasant album.’

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  1. Very good!

    I heard about a band called The Fairytale. I became impressed with their sound, although their music were very much common to those days.
    Their songs resemble Kaleidoscope (UK).

    I read a book that talks about the english psychedelic scene too, called: The Act You've Known for all These Years, by the author Clinton Heylin. It talks about the importance of Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and The Beatles, that shaped the uk psychedelia.