Wednesday, 23 March 2011

ENDLESS TRIP in Record Collector

The five-star review below appears in the current issue of Record Collector, and calls  Endless Trip 'knowledgeable', 'perceptive' and 'thought-provoking', concluding that it's 'a splendid tome' and 'a one-way ticket to essentialdom'. Much obliged!


  1. Endless Trip is a good book and there is a lot to read. But, it's also a pity that there is no more information on the private press (like it was the case with the essential Galactic Ramble). By the way, do you planned to release a new edition of Galactic Ramble one day ? Anyway, congrats for your work.


  2. Hi Alexandre, thanks for your kind words. If Endless Trip had also contained reviews of private pressings it would have been too big to hold, and would have contained lots of information that you can find in The Acid Archives book! A new edition of Galactic Ramble will appear next year, I hope, with lots of new reviews and pictures.

  3. I guess you're right. Endless Trip is already very heavy and not really suitable for shipping (I kept the potato bag)! That's a fantastic news for Galactic Ramble.