Friday, 1 April 2011

ENDLESS TRIP in Ptolemaic Terrascope

Endless Trip has just been generously reviewed in Ptolemaic Terrascope, with Jeff Penczak naming it 'my early candidate for music book of the year'. He goes on to write: ‘You’ll laugh, cry and gnash your teeth over the opinions of Richard Morton Jack’s co-writers, whether they’re trashing one of your most cherished albums or praising that worthless piece of shit you sold every time it found its way back into your record collection.’ He concludes that ‘It’s a fascinating, exceptionally well-researched project that will please musicologists and the casual fan alike.’ 


  1. Hi

    thanks for your all work
    your book is noticed out of print on amazon even thow i didn't have the opportunity to buy it, so can you tell me where i can find it please ? i buy from france

  2. You can find it on eBay or at Thanks.