Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Grateful Dead: spot the difference

Here's a surreal flashback to those prehistoric days when teenzines featured people who actually wrote songs and played instruments. It's from the October 1967 issue of 16 magazine (described by the late, great Derek Taylor in Fifty Years Adrift as 'the single most popular and powerful fan-magazine in the world'). Other bands that featured in its '5 Errors Contest' included HP Lovecraft, The Youngbloods, The Electric Flag, Canned Heat, The Yellow Payges, The International Submarine Band and The Mothers Of Invention.

By the way, I can only see three 'errors' here:

1) there's a button missing from Bill Kreutzman's jacket (second left)
2) the gem's missing from Bob Weir's necklace (second right)
3) the keys around Pigpen's midriff have vanished (far right)

I scent a stitch-up. 


  1. Good lord, this is why I hated those 'teen' mags so much and why others love them now! I think I spot one other thing wrong... Phil Lesh is having an LSD trip in the Right version while is obviously entirely sober in the Wrong one... or am I projecting here?


  2. Oh yeah, and to show how much time I have on my hands; the two things different you missed are... the hem of Dino Valenti's jacket is missing a line, and the wall between Phil and Bill is also missing a line.

    Oh, maybe that's meant to be Bob Dylan?

    Rebecca (again)