Friday, 29 June 2012

TAMAM SHUD: "Sounds OK to me"

Whilst I admit to never having met anyone who likes it as much as me, it's no exaggeration to say that I think Goolutionites & The Real People by Tamam Shud is one of the best rock albums of the early 70s. I was amazed to find this article in Go-Set (Australia's main music paper of the time), dated July 4th 1970. Despite its optimistic predictions, the LP appeared in October and sank without trace.


  1. For sure this album is a timeless classic which will be listened even in a hundred years.
    Nice work of exhumation in your blog Richard, even you can't substitute the pleasure to feel and touch the paper, essential for the memory.
    This is not the place to said that, but the Sunbeam reissues are a benediction for fans of underground rock of 60's and 70's. For ex. the 2LP limited editions of Trees with bonuses and booklet are somptuous. Nothing can replace a original copy?, not so sure.
    Greetings from France!

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