Friday, 2 September 2016

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and the Safe As Milk identity parade

Safe As Milk was released in the US in the summer of 1967. Original copies came with an inner sleeve that depicted a number of the band's cronies:

Musicians aside, I can identify the following:

Label boss Bob Krasnow

Producer Richard Perry

DJ Tom Donahue

Avalon manager Chet Helms

Los Angeles DJ Bobby Dale

Engineer Hank Cicalo

Mrs. Sandy Krasnow and their children

Producer Richard Perry's younger brother, Fred

An unnamed receptionist at the Kama Sutra / Buddha office in Los Angeles

The others are a mystery. Any ideas?


  1. The face opposite of Tom Donahue is Bobby Dale, who at the time was a well known and loved Los Angeles DJ. Bobby worked at various SoCal AM stations with great success, but moved over to FM after Tom Donahue launched KSAN and his other like-minded stations with the new and progressive sound of what became known as 'Underground Radio.' Bobby also contributed liner notes to several popular albums of the period, including the Byrds (I think). He died roughly 10 or 12 years ago in San Francisco where he had eventually moved and remained active in radio. I worked with Bobby in the 1980s at KKCY-FM 'The City,' SF. He was one-of-a-kind, almost the original 'hipster duffus' - wacky, irreverent, funny as hell, and incredible hip. He had a great ear for music. Some of his mixes were absolutely mind blowing - the sort of juxtapositions that would make little to no sense on paper, but made perfect sense musically (once you 'got' him), but they could only come from the mind of Bobby who was on a unique wavelength of his own.

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    1. Thanks. Any idea of his name?

    2. The little guy at the bottom (above) with the hat and goggles is Richard Perry (the Producer's) younger brother, Fred

  3. PS. I think Bob Kransnows's wife's name is Sandy.

  4. PS. We're SLOWLY getting there eh? (Smiling! PS. MY good friend of 20 Years 'Steve FRoy' at the Beefheart Website The Radar St said Gary Marker who was involved in the early production work on SAM, confirmed in an Interview that the girl in pigtails was the girl on the Desk at Buddah but sadly no name..