Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Dmitry Demchenko is a familiar name to many record collectors and readers of this blog, because he has an unequalled ability to find copies of rare albums that come with rare promo stickers, which he then sells on eBay for enviable sums.

One of the most sought-after albums in the world is the original US white label promo of The Velvet Underground & Nico.

Click HERE to see a copy that was sold on eBay in December 2017 for $750, with the name 'CARLSON' written on the label (thereby diminishing its value and collector appeal).

Here are some images of that copy:

And click HERE to see a copy Dmitry sold on eBay a month later for just over $2000, with an 'ORIGINAL RECTANGULAR "D.J. SAMPLES PROMOTIONAL COPIES" WHITE  STICKER' on the label (thereby enhancing its value and collector appeal).

Here are some images of Dmitry's copy:

Both auctions clearly show an original copy - indeed, the labels in each are identical down to the same microscopic details.

As is so often the case with items sold by 'Dimagraphy', serious collectors worldwide are curious about the sticker in his listing.

Has anyone seen another WLP of this album with that sticker on the label?

The only other example I can find online was sold on eBay in April 2017... by lucky old Dmitry! You can see that one HERE.

Looking forward to your feedback!


  1. Ha, what a genius -- just slapped that sticker over the name on the label and resold it!

  2. You want to be careful. I know only a handful of people ever read this blog, but if this is the same guy (and I am sure it is), and he gets to hear of it, he has links to the Russian Mafia. At least thats the rumour. So cover your back.

  3. "Dmitry Demchenko is a familiar name to many record collectors and readers of this blog". Optimistic.

  4. I'm really interested about this topic. I was trying to get an original Mono Banana myself (with torso) and found Dimagraphy's. But, how can he get so many copies of that record? He's selling almost one a week! And most of them with these super cool stickers...
    I dont know, it looks really weird to me. So many copies, in such a good condition. Too good to be true.
    I sent the guy a message not so long ago, btw. Told me I could always return it if I'm not happy with my purchase. But still.
    If stamps and other valuable/collectable stuff is counterfeited, why records would be an exception? IMO, there's no other way to find so many bananas than counterfeiting them yourself. Not to mention the stickers, of course.