Friday, 20 April 2012

THE WCPAEB: "It's gone all pop art"

As is well-attested, in September 1965 the Oklahoma-raised and LA-based playboy Bob Markley hosted an end-of-tour party for the Yardbirds, at which he noticed that the kids providing music were getting more female attention than him. He therefore offered to buy them new equipment if they let him join them. Thus was born The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. I was amazed to stumble upon this account, phoned in to Record Mirror from the bash itself.


  1. Also cool to see the Soup Greens advertised...I would have never thought...

  2. This is quiet an awesome find! Read about that legendary party at Markley's house several times (Fowley's extensive interview with Ugly Things details this night pretty colorfully, obviously!) and it's cool to see it covered as it happened. Great blog!