Friday, 20 April 2012

SIMON FINN: a mystery

On March 27th an eBay seller named echo*beach sold a copy of Simon Finn's Pass The Distance, complete with its insert, for £183 to a member named rememberthethetis. The insert, however, had what the seller described as 'a diagonal cut on the top left' and 'what appear to be signatures across the three band members'. Here's his picture:

Barely a week later, another eBay seller named xxxrecords sold a copy of Simon Finn's Pass The Distance, complete with its insert, for £399. Bizarrely, this time round the insert had the same signatures as the other copy, but the lower right-hand corner was also missing. Here's his picture:

The description contained no reference to the insert having writing on it or a corner chopped off. Now, xxxrecords is renowned for his meticulous interest in being precise in his listings, and for carrying out painstaking research into his items, so he clearly believed this insert with his copy to be complete and untampered with. Therefore this question arises: are there three different variants of the Simon Finn insert? One that is square with no signatures, one that has signatures but the top left corner missing, and one with signatures and both the top left and bottom right corners missing?

By the way, here's the insert with no corners missing:

UPDATE: The eBay username rememberthethetis was torpedoed by its owner very shortly after this post appeared. He has now switched to another username.  


  1. Wierd.... Look like both could have bean cut maybe? Dont think inserts the same tho as the top one has bad water damage by the look of the picture.

  2. Love the irony. Thats a funny piece Richard (well I laughed anyway). The only thing I can see though is that the top one has a clear black line in the bottom left corner which doesnt appear in the bottom one. And the top one is pretty wrinkled too, which judging by the ancient albums in my collection doesnt tend to go. So whatever else has happened to them there is some obvious differences here between the two. Interesting though all the same.

  3. john faulkner7 May 2012 at 09:02

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  4. My insert has not signatures and no cropped corners