Monday, 7 May 2012


The following comment was left earlier today by someone called John Faulkner, regarding my recent post about Simon Finn. Unfortunately Google put it straight into the 'spam' file, so I'll post it here.

'Perhaps if you were even one third as successful as Graham Cross, then you would save your "cheesy" comments for the lavatory wall - which is where they belong. We all "cut corners" hahaha. To use an overworked saying, get a life, and let those who know better than you get on with theirs. By the way your blog sucks.'


  1. Richard, you do know John Faulkner if it is the same one?) is one of the most knowledge and well knwon old school Psych Collectors from back in the day? He has forgoten more than others will ever know on the subject.

  2. I don't know that John Faulkner, but find it hard to believe this is the same guy.

  3. That John Faulkner still sells on ebay as Golgotha99 or something. He also did the 117 fanzine with a mate of his (Kevin Briscoe?).