Friday, 6 January 2012

Demon Fuzz: 'pure rhythmic funk'

To these ears the best thing about Demon Fuzz is their name, but their album (released in November 1970) isn't bad. It just not as radical and confrontational as I'd hoped, and bloated by aimless soloing. They're yet another band that got next to no publicity, so I thought I'd post the only interview with them I've ever seen, which appeared in Melody Maker on November 21st 1970.

Incidentally, they recorded a second album in 1972, Roots & Offshoots, which mysteriously appeared in 1976 on the tiny Brooklyn-based Paco label (its name being a contraction of Paddy Corea, the band's leader). I've never heard it, but here's the cover:

Finally, here's an agency flier from around the same time:

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