Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lambert & Nuttycombe: an outstanding, tasty vocal duo

I've long been fond of this duo's At Home album, which appeared in May 1970. As its title implies, it was recorded at the house Denis Lambert and Craig Nuttycombe shared in Sausalito, and the image inside the cover - shown below - perfectly describes the warm, mellow, gentle music they made (click here for a typical track). Unusually for the time, and gratifyingly, the LP has no string arrangements; apparently they were recorded but deemed unnecessary. Sadly their idyll didn't last long, as sales were poor and Denis Lambert's heroin addiction made live work unpredictable, so they split for good after making a slicker and less satisfying follow-up in 1973, As You Will.

My copy of At Home is a white label promo, and came with a couple of photos:

Unfortunately Dennis Lambert took his own life in 1997, but Craig Nuttycombe continues to write and play. You can read more about them here

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