Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sam Apple Pie: 'a happy bunch of lads'

I thought I'd post some odds and ends relating to this strange London blues-rock band, whose debut album appeared in October 1969. It's pretty formulaic, but this track is pretty nifty. Here's the original press ad for the LP:

And here's a bizarre early press release, penned by Melody Maker's Chris Welch:

This is another press release, sent out by their management in the summer of 1970, stressing that they 'have progressed far and beyond their original blues grounding' (translation: they were keeping abreast of trends and eager for gigs).

And finally, here's an interview with the band that appeared at the end of the year:

Somewhat surprisingly, a later, glam-rock incarnation of Sam Apple Pie released a second album in March 1973, entitled East 17. It isn't very good.

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  1. Hi, I remember Sam Apple Pie.
    I think it was 1967 we used to go see them play upstairs at the Railway Tavern? (the corner pub up a ramp through the back of the old Liverpool Street Station. For a gig at Walthamstow Tech (now Waltham Forest College) we cooked trays of apple pie and made Sam a white robe painted with an apple. During the gig he made an offering, handed down apple pie to the audience. Later I think I saw them at the London School of Economics (along with Third Ear Band). I wonder what happened to my old piano accordion they borrowed and painted black!