Thursday, 14 November 2013


I'm delighted to announce that Flashback #4 will be available as of December 11th, and can be bought here.   TREES are on the cover, and the accompanying feature includes full interviews with all the members, as well as several other figures close to the band. Also included are scoops on cult psych bands Mandrake Memorial, July, Fraction and Wilkinson Tri-Cycle, a powerful memoir by Beverley Martyn of her interrupted musical career and troubled marriage, a jukebox from witch-rockers Blood Ceremony, a personal tour through Peter Eden's many classic productions, part two of Patrick Lundborg's investigation into mono v. stereo mixes, a guide to 'proto-punk' records, 50 intriguing LPs in the notorious Exploito genre, a history of the rare Go newspaper, and in-depth music / book reviews, with rare / unseen images and vintage music paper reprints throughout. Enjoy!