Tuesday, 14 March 2017


One of the most important lessons a record collector can learn is that you never know what might turn up - even things you might think couldn't possibly exist.  
Until last year an eBay seller based in the US named 'marc_arel11' was selling sealed copies of classic 60s and 70s LPs, with previously unseen promo or 'hype' stickers on the sleeves. When that account suddenly went idle, a new one emerged, using the handle 'dimagraphy', and is still going strong. This seller appears to be named Dmitry Demchenko, and the listings say he's based in Garden Grove, California. Are his LPs from a record industry source, a radio station, or a reviewer? Or is he simply very lucky at sourcing such treasures? No one knows. But the truly amazing thing about his listings is that many of the stickers - which are almost all in remarkable, as-new condition - have also never been seen before, even by old-school collectors.    

In February of this year he raked in an impressive $2,154.00 for an original August 1966 paste-over copy of the Beatles' Yesterday & Today LP. It boasted a sticker that not only referred to the sleeve as a 'butcher cover' - therefore being the first documented use of the term - but also described it as '2nd state' (again, the first documented use of the term).     

Here's the beautiful vintage sticker found on that copy: 

You can click HERE for the auction listing.

On and on it goes - all in lovely condition, mostly previously unknown to hardcore collectors. For example, who knew that the shrink on US first pressings of Led Zeppelin II came with track listing stickers in two different colours? All the ones previously known were pink, with sharp corners (as seen on the right here), but Dmitry's copy (on the left) is black, with rounded corners - and in wonderfully clean condition:

You can see that listing, which netted him an enviable $1313 - by clicking HERE

His greatest coup so far has surely been to find an original, sealed promo copy of the Rolling Stones' 1967 Their Satanic Majesties Request LP, bearing a promo sticker for Polygram records - a European company to which they were not signed, and which did not exist until 1972. 

Here's the beautiful vintage sticker on that one:

and HERE is the original listing, which unsurprisingly hauled in a whopping $1009.



  1. Stones sticker, Led Zeppelin Sticker, and Butcher cover stickers are fakes.

    Sabbath one is however clearly geniune and I am surprised you included it. Its U.S. not UK and I have seen at least 5 previous copies. The only reason he hasn't copied that one is that it is almost impossible to copy a colour sticker well. It is undubtedly geniune though.

    However, I am surprised you failed to notice that he has previously listed 4 copies of 'Paranoid' - all with the 'Iron Man' sticker. Only 1 of those stickers are geniune, 2 are copies (probably from the one original sticker) and 1 is unclear. And although wear is possible under sealed covers, scratches are not. On one of the 'Paranoid' sealed covers scratches are clearly visible, showing it was sealed at a later date.

    What mystifies me is why he does it. Some of the LPs he sells are showstoppers in their own right. And certainly Butcher covers in that condition (with or without any dumb sticker) have made that price plenty of times in the past in that condition.

    And all the stickers that arent personal to the LP they relate too are all geniune. However, these can be easily got from any other classical/easy listening LP from any garage sale. Then peeled off and re-applied.

    So in effect if people are adding value to bids, even if the stickers are in most cases geniune, its pretty pointless as the stickers could have easily come from anywhere.

    You can't fault some of his LPs however. In that condition they will sell themselves.

    Surprised you missed the re sealed covers though. Its clear in the pictures on at least 2 of his albums.

  2. Now the "Dimagraphy" account is closed...now it's "inndemchenk0"...and on it goes

  3. I would whole hardheartedly agree that most if not all of the song stickers are counterfeit and reproduced.
    As a collector of rare Beatles LPs for over 30 years, there is not much that I have not seen. Examples of counterfeit stickers that were sold on eBay include the Twist and Shout VJ sticker, Hard Days Night round orange/yellow sticker, rare Green Promotional Press sticker for Meet the Beatles -- as each of these varied markedly from the known originals in my personal collection.

    It is interesting and somewhat disturbing to note that this guy changed his eBay user ID name and now does not go by "Diamography" anymore but by "inndemchenk0" and is selling the same stuff with the word Diamographywatermarked over the scanned pictures. To garner a reputation on eBay one attempts to collect as many good feedback ratings as possible and hence it is rare for sellers to change their user ID-- unless for some reason - possible poor feedback (or this article)? In addition, presently (and as in the past) a buyer is unable to ask a question to this seller about the auction as he has blocked the buyer from doing so. This is another BIG red flag that something nefarious is going on with this seller. I would not be surprised to see him change his user ID again in the future.

    For anyone thinking that these statements are untrue-- Buyer Beware --. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind and my experience as a collector for over 30 years that what this seller is doing is corrupt, "gaming the system", and downright criminal and I would urge any buyer to stay clear far away from this guy's dubiously altered "rarities", lest they be cheated out of their money.

    I have written this response anonymously as I am not affiliated with any of the other 'comment as' profiles, but would be happy to answer any and all comments and questions to this post.

  4. The Zeppelin sticker is real too - I've come across a few of those in the field. The Beatles & Stones are obvious fakes though

    1. The one of the Right is the real one..with the pink lettering. The point was to show how the DIMAGRAPHY fake, is a fake. Wake up to what you're viewing.

  5. To Mr 'B' above:- the Led Zeppelin is blatantly fake. Are you on Acid?

  6. This guy been at this for awhile now. He doesn't care one bit about the damage he is doing to the collectors and fans. Nothing he sells is authentic. The albums are reseals and the stickers are all fake. Some are reproductions of original stickers, but often, they are his own creation. He should be be in prison for it. If you think any of his stickers are real because you've ' seen an original ', but sure he has simply reproduced it. You can tell with side by side comparison to a known original, but he's polluting the marketplace with his garbage while swelling his own bank acct. Awful.

  7. The only "ORGANOLEPTIC" aspect is the appeal to how both the photos, the fakes and the description is setup. The rhetoric, color display Hype up and positioning of hype in description is EXACTLY like BobJduc (however you spell it) .. these guys clearly also doctor and reappropriate things like shrink wrap (one of the easiest hacks ever on the planet when you understand shrink wraps) ..price stickers extremely easy to reuse. I notice on this guys repackagings, the stickers are always in same area, perfectly positioned. And this 'round corner' sticker shows they are using avery type labels.. and I can see the scan degration of lettering and what not when they use the Laser printer. It's true, there is evil in the record sales industry, and it's true many collectors have bad eye sight and too much money to spend. That's the paradox with an open market of used items like Records. The Poster/Art silk screen section of the music industry is even more saturated with fakers and slimy ones. In the general scope of things, it's pretty easy to see who's doing some doctoring and faking in the record sales world.

  8. There is a new seller with 27 feedback on ebay selling same high priced stuff over and over again. His username is hyrolspoti.
    Could be acquainted with dimagraphy or his connections. This all could be money laundering as well.

  9. Yes, it´s the same guy, the same shit, the same sticker, the same words in his discription. for sure !!!! Attention !!!

  10. Amazing how hyrolspoti has had three immaculate copies of the Beatles' White Album in the past three months and all have had numbers under 10,000. The last two were numbered 0000900 and 0001150.

    Ordinarily, you might encounter one relatively low-numbered copy in a lifetime, and it would likely be in terrible condition.

    Apparently, he's numbering White Album covers now, too.

    Also watch out for sellers vinylcollect14, tipicans, and beatlejeuse, all of whom seem to have an endless supply of sealed Beatles and Beach Boys albums, each with either a Sears or Kmart sticker on the wrap.

    1. Yep they are all fraudulent sellers selling resealed lps with stickers. Alot of buyers/suckers out there buying this crap.
      Vinylcollect14 sells resealed lps with ordinary promo stickers to make buyers think the lp inside is really a promo to get him more money...please!!!

  11. Charlie E-I am "Tipicans" -I shop the entire USA looking for albums plus I used to own a record store -dont place that 'watch out for" crap on me unless you actually know what you are talking about...

  12. Funny. The promo stckers vinylcollect14 uses for his lps are from the wrong years when those labels put out their promo copies.
    So much blatant thievery going on by ebay sellers and record collectors are blatantly stupid for not doing a little homework before bidding.

  13. Dear "Anonymous" -dont group me (Tipicans) with the rest of these shysters -my feedback speaks for itself(over 5000+ 100%) -I shop around the USA, like Bob Djucik , and actually sell real original sealed albums -I owned a record store so I actually know what Im talking about...People get awfully brave sitting behind a keyboard and their so-called knowledge is about as genuine as Trump's...

  14. Hey there. It sucks that there are so many unscrupulous jerks around who will rip off good hard working people... and I might be one of the unlucky ones?! I have purchased several Beatles albums recently from VinylCollect14. I've done my homework as best I can but not an expert. With that said, the albums look legit. They are definitely early pressings and show their age, not like copies that are mint. Also, each album I have purchased has visible breathe holes if you search carefully. One of the albums even has a 3" split in the shrink at the opening and if this was resealed, wouldn't they want it perfectly sealed to get max value? Aside from the hype stickers, which I agree could easily be added, I see no evidence that the seller is selling resealed albums. Have you bought an album from VinylCollect14 and found something otherwise?

  15. You can't keep listing the same 10-20+ sealed lps, with the same hype stickers or Kmart/Sears stickers, over & over again -There aren't that many out there -I know -Ive been looking for the last 20 years at stores all across the country -A sealed original of "Rubber Soul" with the "Michelle" hype sticker listed 4 times in one year?? Give me a break -plus all of them in mint condition -Some of the stickers are wrong and were NEVER on a particular lp-like that "2nd state" butcher cover sticker -Too good to be true folks...